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MiWater is a free water consumption tool for Isaac residents

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Isaac Regional Council have initiated a free service that assists ratepayers manage their water consumption. Once signed up, you will receive access to your home's individual water consumption information via the MiWater website.

This great tool also allows you to set email and SMS alerts so you are notified of water leaks and high consumption rates within days of occurrence.

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Water Leaks

Checking for leaks in taps, toilets and pipes regularly (and repairing them quickly) is a simple task, which could save you a lot of money in the long run.  

Aside from leading to high water bills, leaks can cause structural damage to your property and even attract termites. Below are some tips on detecting, preventing and repairing leaks at your property. 

Checking for leaks at home 

Council is responsible for water leaks from the supply system, up to and including the network side of the water meter. Water leaks that occur from water pipes and fittings on the property side of the water meter are the responsibility of the property owner. If you find a leak, turn your water off at the meter immediately and call a licensed plumber. 

If you suspect a leak:  

• Turn off all taps and water-using appliances in and around your home. 

• Check your water meter. If the dials on your meter are moving there could be a leak.  

• To check if there is a leak do not use any water for two hours or overnight, then take another reading. 

• To fix the leak, check all fixtures and fittings and/or call a licensed plumber.  

Plumbing work must be carried out by a licensed plumber or a licensed tradesperson working under a licensed plumber. 

How can I prevent leaks? 

Below are some simple ways to prevent leaks, and save money: 

• Sign up to MiWater and set up automatic high consumption and leak alerts via email or SMS here

• Avoid planting large trees over pipes and mains that run through your property as their root growth may damage the pipes. 

• Root growth can also cause cracks and leaks in your pool, so chat to your local nursery about suitable plants. 

• Inspect your pool regularly for cracks and signs of leaks. 

• Ensure automatic watering systems (e.g. irrigation) are regularly maintained and checked for leaks. 

• Turn taps off gently to help lengthen the life of washers. 

• If you have a water hammer problem install water hammer arresters. These will help extend the life of affected pipes by reducing shock. 

• Ensure all building and renovation work is undertaken by a licensed professional. 

Don’t Let a Concealed Leak Cost You $$ 

Did you know you may be eligible for a remission on your water notice if you find a concealed leak?  

If you’ve received a higher than usual water bill, a MiWater water leak alert or you’ve noticed damp patches in or around your property, you may have a concealed leak. To be considered for a concealed leak remission, ratepayers must organise a licensed plumber to investigate the property for leaks. If a concealed leak is found, ratepayers may be eligible for a remission on their water notice. To find out more see Council’s Concealed Leak Policy(PDF, 201KB) and Procedure(PDF, 218KB) and complete a Concealed Leak Remission Application Form(PDF, 171KB)