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Amongst Issacs thriving farmlands, mines, and urban areas and natural areas there is an abundance of different ecosystems that stretch from the Coast to the Gem Fields. The region is home to beautiful wetlands, savannah, forests, beaches, seagrass beds, mangroves and bushland. Within the parks and coastal regions there are at least 116 recorded threatened and endangered plant and animal species, many of which live in protected and managed environmental areas.   

The Isaac Regional Council are proud to be partnered with groups providing assistance to restore and manage local ecosystems across the region. These groups provide programs in coastal management, environment and Natural resource management (NRM). If you are looking to get involved or want to find out more in your region, please follow the links below.  

Coastal management 

AUSGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA)

CVAConservation Volunteers Australia (CVA)
REEFHealthy Rivers to Reef

Environmental programs  
AUSReef Guardians council GRMPA

landcare Landcare Australlia

WITNESSKINGGreen Cross: Witness King Tides

BIRDLIFE_1Birdlife Australia

Natural resource management groups  

FITZROYFitzroy Basin Association (FBA)
REEFCATCHReef catchments
sarinalandcare  Sarina Landcare

Personal Engagement   

mobilemuster Mobile Muster

 seagrasswatchSeagrass watch

dugong(PDF, 1MB) Dugong watch