Plumbing Assessment and Application process


To protect the community’s health and safety, most plumbing and drainage work in Queensland is regulated and must be performed by a QLD licensed plumber.

There are four categories of Plumbing work: 

  • Permit Work
  • Notifiable Work
  • Minor Work
  • Unregulated Work 
Permit Work 

Isaac Regional Council provides a certification service to approve plumbing work conducted within the Isaac local government area. The certification assessment procedure enables the applicant to gain plumbing approval and ensures that the works complies with the relevant legislation.

Isaac Regional Council's Community Education and Compliance Department provides assessments of plumbing and drainage applications and inspections, for work within the boundaries of an owner's property, pursuant to the current plumbing laws and legislation.  The certification process enables the applicant to gain plumbing approval and ensures that the works comply with the relevant legislation.

Further information regarding the current regulations is available from Business Queensland: Plumbing and drainage forms and templates | Business Queensland.

The Isaac Regional Council Plumbing Application Pack(PDF, 186KB)  outlines all necessary documentation required to have your plumbing application assessed. The Form 1—Compliance Assessment Application(DOCX, 101KB) can be found on the Business Queensland: Plumbing and drainage forms and templates | Business Queensland

Fast-Track Plumbing Applications 

Please note that Isaac Regional Council has "opted out" of the fast track application system, and therefore these application types are not available within the region. Council opt-out of the fast track provisions of the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019 allows 10 days for Compliance Permit assessment of low risk work rather than the 2 days as prescribed under section 40 and publish the decision in accordance with section 41.  Council will not deal with any applications relating to permits for work to be carried out in its local government area as fast-track applications.

How to Get a Plumbing Permit? 

To get a Plumbing Permit you will need to lodge a Form 1(PDF, 223KB) with Council and supply any relevant supporting documents at the time of lodgement. 

Your application and supporting documentation may be lodged either in person at your local Isaac Regional Council office, by mail to PO Box 97, Moranbah QLD 4744, or by email at

Booking a Plumbing Inspection

To arrange a plumbing inspection, the licensed Plumber must contact the Community Education and Compliance Department on 1300 ISAACS (1300 472 227). Please note, a minimum of 48 hours' notice is required as per Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018.

Notifiable Work

Notifiable work is defined in schedule 1 of the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019. It includes most plumbing and drainage work performed in existing homes including:

  • Kitchen and bathroom additions and renovations
  • Installing or replacing hot water heaters including electric, solar or heat pump hot water heaters
  • Installing fixtures such as toilets, showers and sinks in an existing home
  • Extending or altering pipe work

For more information on what is considered notifiable works see the Categories of Notifiable Work visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commission: What is Notifiable Work | Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

Minor work 

Unlike unregulated or DIY plumbing work, Minor work must be performed by a QLD licensed Plumber however doesn't need to be approved by the local government or reported to QBCC. 

Examples of this work include: 

  • Installing, removing or replacing an automatic switching device for a rainwater tank
  • Unblocking sanitary plumbing or sanitary drainage
  • Repairing a broken or damaged pipe not involving Trade Waste 

For more information on unregulated and DIY Plumbing work visit the QBCC website.

Unregulated Work 

Some plumbing work does not need to be carried out by a licenced plumber this is known as unregulated work or DIY plumbing work. 

This work should be undertaken by someone with an appropriate knowledge and skill level.

Examples of unregulated work include: 

  • Replacing a shower head
  • Replacing a domestic water filter cartridge
  • Repairing or replacing a drop valve washer, float valve washer or suction cup rubber in a toilet cistern
  • Installing or maintaining an irrigation or lawn watering system downstream from a tap

For more information on unregulated and DIY Plumbing work visit the QBCC website.

Information on Existing Plumbing Work

Council can supply the following information on request, where current information exists (fees and charges apply):

  • Copies of certificates
  • Plumbing permit searches
  • Copies of "as constructed drainage plans"
Infrastructure Services 

Dial Before You Dig (Call 1100 or for any plans and details of council-owned sewer, water and stormwater infrastructure on/near the allotment.

Backflow Prevention

Our priority is safe drinking water and a major part of this is continual maintenance of backflow prevention devices in our towns and rural areas. Isaac Regional Council's Community Education and Compliance Department therefore maintains a register of all backflow devices within our region to ensure annual tests are undertaken as required.

Council's backflow endorsed Plumbers can perform testing of backflow prevention devices within the Isaac region.

For further information about your obligations regarding maintenance and testing of backflow prevention devices, please view our Backflow Prevention FAQ(PDF, 1MB).

Backflow prevention devices are installed as a requirement under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 and must not be removed. If you believe a device is no longer required, please contact a backflow endorsed Plumber or the Community Education and Compliance team before having the device removed.

If you are a backflow endorsed Plumber and are required to remove a backflow prevention device, please ensure you submit the completed form(PDF, 65KB) to advise Council of this, we can than ensure our register is updated with this information.

Trade waste 

Plumbing work involving Trade waste is Permit Work and must be carried out by a QLD licensed Plumber. 

All commercial and service industry businesses that discharge to sewer are required to apply for and hold a Trade Waste Approval.

On-site Sewerage Design

If your property does not have access to Council Sewer, you will need to consider installing an onsite effluent disposal system or connecting to an existing on-site treatment facility that is adequate for the anticipated load. 

Whether you are installing a new or connecting to an existing onsite effluent disposal system you will need to hold a plumbing permit before the building certifier is able to issue the building approval.

You will need to engage a licensed plumber/designer to design the effluent treatment system, you can confirm if a plumber is licenced by their QBCC licence number.