Capital and Maintenance Works

Some of Council's works on roads and infrastructure network includes:

  • Upgrading roads and footpaths
  • Grading and maintenance of rural roads
  • Bridge maintenance and repairs

Capital Works

Capital works are projects that build, renew and support the region through infrastructure projects. These include ongoing programs like renewing and upgrading our roads, replacing or improving water and waste infrastructure and long-term projects like multi-phase upgrades to community facilities. The proposed capital budget is subject to outside funding and grants. 

Council continues to advocate for funding and grants. 

Click here for more information about Council's advocacy priorities

Find out about Council's proposed capital works across the region in this year's Budget Book.

Maintenance Repairs

This includes all other works across the region that is necessary to maintain our roads and infrastructure

Maintenance works are undertaken as part of a maintenance schedule, where there is availability of maintenance teams and machinery.