What is a Reservation?

The pre-purchase of a burial plot or ashes niche. This does not include the cost of the burial.


What is a Plot?

A plot is a vacant grave and can also be referred to as a site.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a space within a Columbarium wall that is used for interment of ashes.


For a burial, do I need to phone Council to arrange anything?

No,  your funeral director will make all the arrangements with Council.


What is a Burial Right?

A Burial Right is the right to specify who can be buried into and what can be erected upon a gravesite/plot.


What is a Burial Rights Holder (BRH)?

The BRH is the person whose signature, name and details are on the approved form at the time of burial or is the person who has purchased a plot/niche for future usage.


Can all cemetery services be pre-purchased?

No, Council only accepts pre-purchase of a burial or ashes site. Plaques, interment fees etc are payable at the time of application.


Can ashes be placed into a grave?

Yes, with the written approval from the burial rights holder.


Can ashes be scattered within a cemetery?

No, ashes are not allowed to be scattered within any of IRC cemeteries.


How many burials can go into a single grave?

All graves are generally prepared for two burials as a standard. (Please Note: older graves were not prepared at this standard and each request for a second interment will need to be considered individually).


Can burials take place on weekends?

Yes,  subject to availability of staff. Additional charges apply – refer to Council’s fees and charges.


Are there Council requirements for placement of plaques in Lawn Cemeteries?

Yes, Council has set standards for lawn cemetery plaques to ensure uniformity and amenity of the cemeteries.


Can I install my own plaque for a lawn cemetery?

Each lawn cemetery has set standards for plaques. If the plaque you want to erect is outside these standards, you can apply in writing with your justification as to why you want a memorial outside of the set standard. The application will be assessed by Council and a decision provided.


Who is responsible for the maintenance of Plaques and Memorials?

The burial rights holder of the graves is responsible for the maintenance. Council is not responsible for keeping the memorials erected in repair and proper condition, or for any damage that may occur to such a memorial or flower vases, domes or other items left on or near the memorial.


Who is Responsible for the Installation of Plaques and Memorials?

Plaques for the Lawn cemeteries are generally purchased through and installed by Council. Memorials for the monument sections are the responsibility of the burial rights holder to arrange for purchase and installation at their cost.


Do I need approval from Council to install a memorial?

Yes, all memorials erected in any of IRC cemeteries  are subject to written Council approval prior to installation.