Middlemount was established in the early 1980s, as a purpose-built coal mining town offering breathtaking panoramic views from the iconic Blue Mountain.  In the early years, Middlemount served as a dormitory settlement servicing the German Creek open cut coal mine.

Today, Middlemount is much more than mining and is a relaxed town with many services, facilities and plenty of parking. Blue Mountain is only a short drive from town and the park provides a shaded picnic area that overlooks the agricultural surrounds. This is also the only location in Isaac where you can stop and view a working coal mine.

Middlemount’s community spirit is evident in the many well-run events within the community and it’s well worth getting involved. Make time to view the social media worthy town murals at the water tank and in the heart of Middlemount’s business centre.

Middlemount is often nicknamed the ‘Giant Peanut‘ due to the road layout. Middlemount is also notable for Olympic cyclists Anna and Kerrie Meares, who grew up there.

Picnic at Blue Mountain Park

Here’s your chance to grab the best vantage point to view an open cut mine in operation. Take advantage of the free barbecue facilities and the many semi-hidden picnic tables for a romantic and peaceful picnic. It’s also the perfect spot for bird watchers and photographers to spot some classic Australian fauna such as galahs, kookaburras, Blue Mountain parrots and rainbow lorikeets.

Get social in Middlemount

If you are looking for a regional race day with a country smile, the Middlemount Races are the place to frock up and have fun trackside. Occurring in August each year, it is renowned for the unique dachshund races and is an event not to be missed. Perhaps you are looking for picture perfect fairways and extremely fast greens? Then look no further, Middlemount Golf Course is one of the best nine-hole courses in the Central Highlands. It’s also a great place to relax on the deck of the clubhouse and enjoy the sunset and the resident wallabies. If you are looking to refresh, take a dip in the local 50m swimming pool.

Middlemount Rotunda Rest Area

Located at the intersection of the Fitzroy Developmental Road and Middlemount Road, the Middlemount Rotunda Rest Area is a great place to stop for a picnic lunch. Sit back, relax and enjoy a few homemade sandwiches while reading the tourist information boards about the surrounding region.

Exploring Middlemount

  • Visit Blue Mountain Park, the best vantage point to view an open cut mine in operation in the region.
  • This is also a perfect spot for bird watchers and photographers.
  • The Middlemount Races is renowned for its unique dachshund races.
  • If you’re visiting during August this race is not to be missed.
  • Play nine holes at Middlemount Golf Course which is one of the best in the Central Highlands.
  • Picture perfect fairways and extremely fast greens. You can also relax on the deck of the clubhouse, enjoy watching the sun go down and the wallabies.
  • Take a dip and refresh in the town’s 50m swimming pool.
  • Take a short drive, or a refreshing walk, and discover some of the town’s history, told through striking murals at the shopping centre.