Mazeppa National Park


Mazeppa National Park is located 75km north-west of Clermont.

Here there are remnant Brigalow and Gidgee scrub and eucalypt woodland set on black soil plains.

This provides a perfect habitat for many native bird species including the double-bar finch and the plum-headed finch.

The park is a lovely wildlife refuge and is perfect for self-sufficient campers and walkers.

Make sure you wear appropriate clothes and take plenty of water.

Park access

Mazeppa National Park only has walking access.

Conventional access can be made via the Gregory Development Road 75km north-west of Clermont.


Day trips are preferred, however bush camping is permitted with a camping permit pre-approved and collected from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Office in Emerald.

Campers must be self-contained ensure they bring all their own water, gas stove and equipment.

Site facilities

This park has no facilities and fires are strictly prohibited.

Please be environmentally conscious and ensure all rubbish is removed from the park.