Approval to Work on Roads

If you are planning on carrying out any works that affect Council's roads, make sure you have read the necessary guidelines and information, and have submitted an application. Council must provide approval prior to any works starting.

Types of works that require approval may include:

  • Install/Replace Driveway on Council property
  • Install/Replace grid on Council road
  • Operate a conditionally registered vehicle on Council roads
  • Works on road corridor or varying the period for works on road corridor
  • Temporary closures of roads for works
  • Temporary closures of roads for community events and activities
  • General roadside excavation works, including removal and restoration of existing footpath, kerb and pavement
  • Placement of temporary sign boards (regulatory or warning signs)

If you are unsure if an approval is required, contact Council on 1300 ISAACS (1300 472 227)

You can find the relevant applications and guidelines below.

Schedule of Fees and Charges