Mount Britton

A pioneer gold mining town in the 1880s.

In early 1881, gold was discovered in Oaky Creek. Word quickly spread, and the rush was on.

Within days, tent town had sprung up amongst the scrub on the flat side of Oaky Creek. A few months later, the bark and sapling township of Mount Britton boasted six licensed hotels, a weekly mail service from Nebo and a twice-weekly Cobb and Co coach service from Mackay.

The rush was short-lived, and although the town prospered for a brief period, after a few years, it fell into decline as a result of drought and isolation.

Prospectors still search for gold in the hills and creeks around the old townsite.

Surrounded by magnificent mountains, the townsite is a must-see for all those intrigued by history and inspired by nature.

About 35 minutes' drive from Nebo. Head North from Nebo along the Peak Downs Highway, turn west onto Suttor Development Road. Follow this road for 11.2km and turn right onto Turrawulla Road.

From this intersection drive about 23km, passing the Homevale-Mount Britton turn-off, to the signed right-hand turn into Moonlight Dam camping area. From this turn-off, it is 6km to the camping area.