Mosquitoes are a fact of living in the wet and dry tropics of Queensland. It is important residents are familiar with how to manage mosquitoes around the home and to defend themselves against Dengue Fever and Ross River Fever.

Mosquitoes require only a small quantity of water to breed. During the wet season, dengue mosquito eggs can develop to mature adults within one week. Even a cup full of water can provide adequate water for some mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

There are three main actions you can take around your home or workplace to control the breeding of mosquitoes.

Tip It: Regularly inspect potential pooling sites, such as tarps, pot plants, gutters, and buckets. Empty out any accumulated water.

Secure It: Ensure that tanks and other storage structures are adequately protected to prevent mosquitoes from accessing and laying eggs where possible. Monitor ‘open’ locations, and consider applying anti-larval substances.

Throw It: Be vigilant in responsibly disposing of rubbish, such as tyres, that could potentially form mosquito habitat.

Mosquito Management Factsheet(PDF, 116KB)

If you have any concerns regarding mosquito breeding, contact Isaac Regional Council Environmental Health Officer.

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