Sunset Cultural Experience

Sunset cultural experience


Imagine a canvas painted with hues of a setting sun, framed by majestic mountains and serene wetlands.  

This is not a dream, but the enchanting setting of the Sunset Cultural Experience event, where the sky’s daily farewell becomes a celebration. 

A symphony of indigenous cultures will come alive with dance, song, and fire, to signify a vibrant connection with the land that echoes in every beat and rhythm. 

Join the Koinjmal Peoples of Koinmerburra Country and The Flackyard’s culinary wizard Nik Flack as they lift the veil on the region’s bush tucker secrets.  Nik and the Flackyard team will make be catering to the masses with a special dish as one of our food vendors.

During this experience, there is an opportunity to meet Australia’s famous landscape architect Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia, Matt Golinski from Ready, Steady, Cook television fame and renowned dessert making extraordinaire Glenn Barratt. 

As the evening progresses, the spotlight will be on Loren Ryan, the 43rd winner of Tamworth Country Music Festival’s Star Maker final. This proud Gamilaraay woman, fresh from her performance at the Sydney Opera House, is set to dazzle with her musical prowess. 

To bring the evening to a perfect close, Lloyd Saunders, an indigenous singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, will serenade with his smooth melodies, warm vocals, guitar, and didgeridoo.  

For the night owls among us, the party doesn’t have to end.  
The Sportsman’s Arms Hotel, standing tall for over a century, welcomes you to continue the festivities.  

And don’t worry about the ride back, we’ve got a complimentary shuttle bus service to the camping areas. 

So, let the good times roll!