Greg Austen

Councillor - Division One

Cr Greg Austen

Cr Greg Austen is known as a strong supporter of local businesses and is well aware of the issues faced in the region.

Cr Austen was first elected to represent Division 1 following a by-election on 18 November 2017.

He was later elected unopposed at the 2020 elections.

He is a member of Council’s Engineering and Infrastructure Standing Committee, Water and Waste Standing Committee and Special Community Grants Standing Committee.

He is also a member of the Clermont Community Business and Community Group, Clermont Saleyards Committee, Clermont Saleyards and Showgrounds Revitalisation Advisory Committee and Glenden Development and Industry Group, Jangga ILUA Consultative Committee and the Burdekin Dry Tropics Pest Management Group.

Cr Austen has lived in the Clermont district for more than 30 years with his wife Marie and their three children. He has worked as a horse breaker, ringer, professional singer and musician.

Cr Austen also owns a small cattle block north of Clermont and local businesses - Clermont Carrying Company and Clermont Signage and Frames.