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On Anzac Day 102 years ago, 16,000 Australians and New Zealanders surged ashore at the foot of rugged cliffs on the Dardanelles peninsula.

In the eight months that followed their first landing at Gallipoli, some 50,000 ANZACs were committed to the battlefront, alongside their British, French and Indian comrades.

As we continue to commemorate 100 years of Anzac, this year we reflect on the significant Western Front battles of the Flanders Offensive and the Sinai-Palestine Campaign.

After the ill-conceived Gallipoli campaign, almost 300,000 Australians served on the Western Front in France and Flanders. These troops included boys, men and women from our rural areas and local towns of Clermont, Nebo, Carmila and St Lawrence who stood side by side to fight for our freedom.

They took part in every major British offensive between 1916 and the Armistice in 1918. During that time more than 46,000 lost their lives, of whom some 18,000 have no known grave.

Join us to commemorate the spirit and the legend of the Anzacs in your town on Tuesday April 25.

Anzac Day Events - at a glance

Coordinated by RSL Carmila Sub Branch
  • 4.28am Dawn Service
  • 10.45am Morning Service
Coordinated by RSL Clermont Sub Branch
  • 4.28am Dawn Service
  • 9.30am Morning Service
  • 12.00pm RSL gathering
Coordinated by Dysart Community Support Group
  • 4.28am Dawn Service
  • 11.00am Morning Service
  • 5.30am Dawn Service
  • 11.00am Morning Service
Coordinated by Richard Crabb
  • 5.30am Dawn Service


Organised by Matthew Hite
  • 5.00am Dawn Service
  • 11.00am Morning Service
  • 1.00pm Two-Ups
  • 5.00pm BBQ
Coordinated by Moranbah RSL Sub Branch and Moranbah Community Works Club
  • 5.00am Dawn Service
  • 10.00am Morning Service
Coordinated by Nebo RSL Auxiliary
  • 4.30am Dawn Service
  • 10.30am Morning Service
St Lawrence
  • 10.30am Morning Service


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