Costa Georgiadis

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Costa Georgiadis is Australia’s most famous landscape architect and TV presenter has an all-consuming passion for plants and people. 

Costa believes in embracing and celebrating mother nature’s cycles and seasons and nurturing her balance, beauty and bounty organically.  

His holistic approach is all about gardening the soil and the soul. 

Costa’s charm, charisma and passion are invigorating and irresistible, he has a gift for making his important messages engaging and highly entertaining. 

Visit to learn more about Costa’s story. 

Wetlands Adventurer Passport   
Saturday, 22 June 2024 
Begin your family adventure here to experience 10 fun-filled activities. Costa Georgiadis will launch the Wetlands Adventurer Passport which will show revelers of all ages how fun it is to discover and learn about the environment.  If you miss getting the starter pack during the launch, call into the the Kurril and Ecology stall to join.  

Gardening Workshop 
Saturday, 22 June 2024 
You will get lots of chances to mix, mingle, question, and learn from our gardening and environmental guru Costa Georgiadis who as an affable smile and recognisable beard. 

Freshwater Meets Saltwater Tour 
Saturday, 22 June 2024 
The St Lawrence wetlands are a highly unique environment at a local and national scale. Join Koinjmal Peoples, Isaac Regional Council, Reef Guardian Council and Costa Georgiadis on a guided walk to the where the freshwater meets the salt.  

Learn about the unique features of Koinmerburra Country's fresh and saltwater landscapes, some of the key plants and animals that live there including those to eat, and the processes that occur in wetlands that keep us all healthy. 

Wetlands Regenerative Tree Planting 
Saturday, 22 June 2024 and Sunday, 23 June 2024 
The Koinjmal Peoples, traditional custodians of the St Lawrence wetland, are spearheading a 4ha regeneration program. Visitors are invited to participate in a tree-planting event during the Wetlands Weekend to learn about the plants of the wetlands by choosing and planting a seedling propagated from the wetlands themselves. Costa Georgiadis will also take part in this incredibly warming eco-experience. 

Ephemeral Art Display 
Sunday, 23 June 2024 
Costa Georgiadis will invite mini eco-warriors to be part of an ephemeral art activity. It’s all about enjoying the art in the moment, knowing that it won’t be there forever.  

The Cook Off 
Sunday, 23 June 2024  
Matt Golinski and Glen Barratt will challenge Costa Georgiadis, Nik Flack and Koinjmal Peoples of Koinmerburra Country to a lighthearted and fun cook off. The mission for our Wetlands Weekend headliners is to use literally whatever is left in the fridge!