Level 1 Water Restrictions - Middlemount

Level 1 - Sprinkler, hand-held hose, automated irrigation system and watering can

Watering days 

Odd numbered houses  Water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
Even numbered houses Water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Watering times (No watering between 9am and 5pm)

Morning     5am – 9am
Evening     5pm – 9pm


General Restrictions Information

Water restriction levels

Level 1 – Sprinklers, hand held hose, automated irrigation system, watering can
Level 2 – Hand held hose, automated irrigation system (no grassed areas), watering can
Level 3 – Watering can
Level 4 – None permitted

More ways to save

Swimming pools – operated at minimum levels (and not topped up in level 4 conditions)
Ponds and water features – operated at minimum levels (and not used in level 4 conditions)
Vehicles and boats – no cleaning above level 3 conditions (unless damage is likely if not rinsed)
Driveways, walls and windows – bucket only at level 2 and no cleaning at level 3+

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