Council and Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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COVID-19 update from Mayor Anne Baker

A COVID-19 update and reminder for Isaac communities. To discover more localised information on COVID-19 and learn about where you can get vaccinated in our region, please check the relevant information below.

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Additional information

Exposure sites

Resources workers who were in Cairns on or after 26 July should regularly check Queensland Health’s COVID-19 contact tracing page for a full and current list of exposure sites.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Anyone who travelled into a remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community from Cairns or Yarrabah LGAs on or after 26 July 2021 is urged to get tested immediately, and to isolate until they get a negative result.

Restrictions in South East Queensland

The lockdown for South East Queensland has lifted however some restrictions continue to apply until 4pm Sunday 22 August.

Masks must be worn at all times outside the home (including in the workplace, provided it is safe to do so) except when eating or drinking, or exercising with your household or one other person.

For further information about South East Queensland read the Restrictions for Impacted Areas (No.12) (SEQ eased restrictions Stage 1) Direction.

Wearing a mask – all of Queensland

Mandatory face mask requirements are in place for the lockdown areas of Cairns and Yarrabah, as well as South East Queensland. Resources workers in any of these areas must follow the mandatory mask requirements.

For the rest of Queensland, you are only required to wear a mask in some locations such as airports and in stadiums, provided you have not been in a locked down area nor reside with a person who has been in a locked down or impacted area. It is recommended that everyone keep a mask with them at all times and use it where social distancing isn’t possible.

For full details read the Mandatory Face Masks Direction (No.2).

COVID-19 Vaccination Information for Isaac region

Due to the limited supply of the Pfizer vaccine, there are restrictions on who can get vaccinated. People with a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19 or anyone due for their second dose will be prioritised by Queensland Health.

To check your eligibility, visit the Australian Government eligibility checker here.

Residents are advised that the vaccination program will continue to be expanded as Queensland receives more supplies. During this time we ask that you be patient and keep checking the Queensland Health website for the latest COVID-19 Vaccination rollout details or to ensure you get notified when the vaccine is available for you register your interest here.

Together, we can stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep Isaac safe.


Last updated: 3 August 2021, 10am

Please see below, sourced directly from Queensland Government's advice for COVID safe businesses.


COVID Safe Businesses

Queensland’s Roadmap to Easing Restrictions outlines which businesses can operate at which stage, and what customer limits apply on premises. All businesses will need to undertake some planning to ensure they keep their business, their staff and their customers safe.

At all stages, all businesses should have their Work Health and Safety (WHS) Plan in place, and up to date including strategies to manage COVID-19. This is an existing internal plan which does not need to be submitted for approval and should be made available when requested.

For businesses that the Chief Health Officer has identified as having a high risk of transmission, a mandatory COVID Safe Checklist has been developed, and there will be mandatory COVID Safe training. High risk businesses include restaurants, cafés, beauty therapists and nail salons from Stage 1, and now extends to tattooists, tanning and spas from Stage 2 easing of restrictions.

If a high-risk business chooses to operate in line with an approved Industry COVID Safe Plan, then the checklist is not required. More information on Industry COVID Safe Plans and Checklists below.

If you are unsure what applies to your business, check out this decision tree and frequently asked questions to better understand the COVID Safe Businesses framework.

If the services your industry provides have previously not been restricted by public health directions you can continue to operate as you are now, in line with the health guidance set out by the Chief Health Officer and Queensland Health.

For more information on record keeping obligations and collecting personal information under the public health directions please refer to the Factsheet for storing and collecting information.

All businesses should use the framework to be COVID safe.

COVID Safe checklists and factsheets

From Stage 1 easing of restrictions, COVID Safe checklists have been required for businesses that provide dining-in for customers, such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, RSLs, clubs, and hotels (food courts remain closed) and beauty therapy services. From Stage 2 easing of restrictions, this now extends to tattooists, tanning and spas:

If you do not offer these services, you do not need to complete a checklist. All businesses should, however, be following the work health and safety guidelines.

Industry COVID Safe Plans

Starting from Stage 2 under Queensland’s Roadmap to Easing Restrictions eligible businesses who wish to have additional customers on their business premises, and whose business premises are large enough to do so and still meet the 4 square metre rule, will be able to apply the strategies and protocols outlined in their relevant approved Industry COVID Safe plan to do so.

From Stage 2, eligible business who are following an approved Industry COVID Safe Plan will be able to offer their services beyond the limits prescribed in the Roadmap.  An approved Industry COVID Safe Plan may specify a higher number of persons for Stage 2 if they have clearly demonstrated measures that satisfy the Chief Health Officer that they can safely do so and continue to meet one person per four square metres. An industry should highlight this as a component of their plan submission.

Requirements of Industry COVID Safe Plans and eligible industries

An Industry COVID Safe Plan can be developed by an industry through a representative group or a group of businesses within that industry.

Guide for Industry COVID Safe Plans has been created to provide insight into the content that will be assessed when the health authority approves the plan. There is no official template for the plan, the format can be determined by industry whilst following the information provided in the Guide for Industry COVID Safe Plans.

To ensure consistency of safety standards and compliance, Queensland Health will only approve one Industry COVID Safe Plan per industry. Where there are multiple associations within an industry these groups should develop a plan together or select one plan to submit for approval.

Industries that would be eligible to develop an Industry COVID Safe Plan include (but are not limited to):

  • gyms, health clubs and yoga studios,
  • restaurants and cafes
  • pubs
  • clubs
  • hotels
  • tourism experiences (i.e. a paid or organised activity traditionally aimed at the tourism market – for example charter fishing boats and 4WD experiences)

The scope of what type of businesses form part of a particular industry should be determined and defined by an industry when submitting an Industry COVID Safe Plan. For more information refer to the Factsheet for industry groups developing an Industry COVID Safe Plan.

Requirements for Site Specific Plans

In some limited cases, a site-specific plan can be developed by eligible operators that are larger in scale due to the unique aspects (complexity and size) of their business.

Businesses considered suitable for site specific COVID Safe Plans are limited to:

  • large outdoor amusement parks,
  • zoos,
  • convention centres;
  • major outdoor events (where they are not held in venues with existing site-specific or Industry COVID Safe plans);
  • concert venues,
  • theatres and auditoriums of seating capacity greater than 1000,
  • museums,
  • arenas,
  • stadiums and
  • casinos.

Businesses who are eligible for a site specific plan should use the information contained in the Guide for Industry COVID Safe Plans when developing and submitting their plan. These businesses should work directly with relevant Queensland Government agencies if further advice is required. For more information, refer to the Factsheet for large unique sites developing a COVID Safe Plan.

Submitting an Industry COVID Safe Plan

Once an industry has developed an Industry COVID Safe Plan it must be submitted to Queensland Health for approval.

Industry COVID Safe Plans will be considered and approved by the Chief Health Officer. Site Specific Plans for eligible businesses must also be submitted to Queensland Health, and may be delegated to a relevant health authority.

When complete and ready for approval, you can submit a plan by emailing:

Need more information? Call 134 COVID (13 42 68).

Opting-in to an Industry COVID Safe Plan

Once approved, Industry COVID Safe Plans will be made publicly available for all businesses within that industry to access (regardless of membership to an industry body).

To opt into an Industry COVID Safe Plan eligible businesses should:

  • check this website for an approved Industry COVID Safe Plan relevant to your business
  • complete the statement of compliance included in the approved Industry COVID Safe Plan and display it in a public place in your premises before you start trading with additional customers from the commencement of Stage 2.

For more information refer to the Factsheet for individual businesses opting-in to an Industry COVID Safe Plan.

With the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, volunteers and community in mind, council advises the following current status of its facilities.

Facility Current Status Re-opening
Customer Service Counters/Foyers Closed Monday, 15 June
Isaac Libraries Open with restrictions  
Isaac Aquatic Facilities Closed Closed for Winter
Waste Management Facilities Open  
Community and Recreation Centres Open by application  
Parks Open  
Museums and Galleries Closed Find out more
Campgrounds Open with restrictions  
Fossicking Open  
Skate Parks Open  
Boat Ramps Open  

For more information on facilites in your town

Events across the Isaac region have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Council events and events held at council venues

Council will continue to follow the advice of the Australian Government and Queensland Health for its own events. Council is working with event organisers. We encourage you to follow and put in place risk mitigation measures as directed by the Australian Government and Queensland Health. Help is available to re-schedule events and event permits to a future date.

Federal, state and local governments are all providing support for small businesses who are affected by novel coronavirus.

Download the official government “Coronavirus Australia” app in the Apple App Store or Google Play, there is a section for a businesses and employees and a way to report self isolation and so much more. Also, join the iOS or Android

Council is committed to supporting Queensland Health as the lead agency responsible for responding to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and will ensure our business community is kept informed. If you have any health concerns please call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or find up-to-date reliable information on the Queensland Health website.  

Emergency business hotlines

  • Federal Government Business Hotline - 13 28 46 
  • Queensland Business Hotline - 1300 654 687 
  • Australian Taxation Office Emergency Hotline - 1800 806 218
  • Centrelink Hotline - 13 74 68

Isaac Region Community Chest Funds with grants of up to $10,000

  • The program is available for small to medium businesses located and operating in the Isaac region and is inclusive of sole traders and partnerships.
  • This grant provides short-term business continuity and longer-term resilience assistance such as professional advice, diversification, re-establishment costs or paying outgoing costs such as bills and rent.

Special Emergency Community Grants of up to $5,000 

  • Council has repurposed its 2019-2020 Community Grants program to provide direct financial assistance to the numerous community, cultural and sporting organisations in the region.
  • Council acknowledges community groups may be experiencing financial hardship due to social restrictions preventing events or activities from being held which would normally be a source of revenue to fund recurrent expenses supporting the operations and memberships of organisations.

There are a range of support options for community sport and recreation clubs.

Framework for COVID Safe Businesses

All businesses should use the framework to be COVID safe.

COVID Safe Checklists

The checklist must be implemented, signed and displayed by 11.59pm on 15 May 2020 or prior to a business re-commencing trade, to comply with the Chief Health Officer's direction.

COVID Safe checklists are required for businesses that provide dining-in for customers, such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, RSLs, clubs, and hotels (food courts remain closed) and beauty therapy services:

If your business will not be providing a dining-in option, you do not need to complete a checklist. All businesses should, however, be following the work health and safety guidelines.

COVID Safe mandatory training -

COVID Safe Plans - COVID Safe Plans FAQs.

Isaac is a region in transition.

It is a diverse and fiercely independent community which has had its fair share of challenging times in recent years.

Now faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and short-term economic instability, our resilience and determination will be our greatest assets as we embrace change and chart our own course to a sustainable future during these unprecedented times.

These initiatives include:

  • Isaac Region Community Chest Funds with grants up to $10,000
  • Special Emergency Community Grants of up to $5,000

Visit our Road to COVID-19 Recovery Stimulus Packages.

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