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COVID-19 Information for business - Updated 16 December 2021

Information for Small Business
The Office of the Queensland Small Business Commissioner (OQSBC) has collated key information and links to frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help small businesses navigate COVID-19 vaccination requirements and changes to business restrictions.
Public health
Queensland Health FAQs about business restriction changes from 17 December (80% double-dose vaccination) addressing questions such as:
Can non-essential leisure businesses opt to continue with density restrictions and stay open for unvaccinated staff and customers?
• What services/activities are going to be restricted for unvaccinated people, and why?
• Can unvaccinated service providers or contractors go into a restricted business?
Signage for businesses indicating vaccination requirements:
Free COVID Safe online training (TAFE Queensland) for non-essential venues:
Employer and employee rights and responsibilities re vaccinations
Download a staff proof of vaccination registration template. (you’re not required to use this and there is no requirement to keep a copy of the proof of vaccination that was sighted).
Fair Work Ombudsman/AI Group Industrial Relations Assistance Program:
• COVID-19 IR Advice Line: 1300 312 733 (Access to experienced Industrial Relations advisers)
FAQs for employers and employees re vaccinations (Fair Work Ombudsman) addressing questions such as:
• I am an employer and a public health order requiring vaccination applies to my business. What are my obligations to comply?
• There is no public health order that applies to the business. Can vaccination be mandated?
• Who compensates me if I’ve been directed to be vaccinated and I have a reaction to the vaccine?
List of employee vaccination mandates by state if you have employees working in different states (Fair Work Ombudsman):
Workplace health and safety
Information for your industry (Safe Work Australia) to help address questions such as:
• Do I need to include mandatory vaccination as a control measure to comply with my WHS duties?
• Can my workers refuse to come to work because another worker isn’t vaccinated?
• Some of my workers cannot be vaccinated because of medical conditions. How do I protect my unvaccinated workers from COVID-19?
Template to develop a risk management plan (Workplace Health and Safety Queensland):
Privacy guidance
Guidance for businesses collecting COVID-19 vaccination information (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) to assistant businesses to determine:
• Whether they can ask their customers/visitors to show evidence of vaccination;
• If they are able to collect this information; and
• Their privacy obligations when handling the information.

Other help and support for small business
The Office of the Queensland Small Business Commissioner has developed a range of support materials. To acccess this information you can visit for more information or, for urgent matters, contact us on 1300 312 344.

COVID-19 update from Mayor Anne Baker

A COVID-19 update and reminder for Isaac communities. To discover more localised information on COVID-19 and learn about where you can get vaccinated in our region, please check the relevant information below.

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