Changing climates and population growth have resulted in added stresses on water supplies globally, nationally and on a local scale. The Department of Environmental Resource Management Waterwise guidelines aim to manage and conserve water consumption on a personal scale; identifying areas around the home, garden and water consumption in the workplace.

Water Consumption and Restrictions

Isaac Regional Council Wishes to advise that there are water restrictions across the region.

Sustainability at Home

The Department of Environment and Science provides information for builders and residents on sustainable options around the home. Information provided covers; climate factors, home design and construction advice, education and research information and sustainable urban development options.

Find out more about sustainability at home at the Queensland Government's Department of Environment and Science page.

Planet Footprint – The Environmental scorekeeper

Isaac Regional Council has joined with Planet Footprint to actively measure consumption and performance across a variety of environmentally significant areas.

Planet Footprint is an independent company who in partnership with Isaac Regional Council monitor and report environmentally significant issues within the Isaac Region, providing reports and statistics on resource consumption and environmental performance, covering areas such as:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Waste
  • Fleet
  • Greenhouse Performance

View the environmental scorekeeper at the plante footprints website.

For more information contact our Natural Resources Officer on 1300 472 227.