Stranded marine animals

Marine animals can get stranded up on shorelines for numerous reasons, but in recent years increased flooding, entanglement and malnutrition have elevated the incidence of marine strandings. The reduction of seagrass meadows has led to malnutrition and lowered energy in Sea Turtles and Dugongs forcing them to surface more for oxygen uptake. This increases their chances of disease, breathlessness, starvation and boat strikes.  

The management of stranded animals is key in the protection of the species and notification of populations. If you find a Dugong, Turtle, Whale or Dolphin that has been beached, injured or deceased while visiting a beach or coastal area within Isaac Regional Council contact the  

  • RSPCA Stranding Hotline 1300-ANIMAL (1300 264 625)  

  • or Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service 1300 130 372 (Press option 1) immediately with details of the animal, location, and status. Marine stranding’s of all mortality status can be phoned through as they assist in understanding the relationships with marine animals and their environmental conditions throughout Queensland.  

For more information on Marine animal stranding’s, previous stranding data and how to avoid ship strike and entanglement please visit Marine wildlife strandings.