Managing weeds in the Isaac Region

Weeds in Isaac

An exotic weed can be identified as plant matter that has been introduced from foreign areas and can be threatening to environment, economy, business, human health, livestock and native animals. As written in the Biosecurity Act 2014, weeds identified on any privately owned or managed property falls under a General Biosecurity Obligation, which means the landowner has to reasonably manage any biosecurity threat on that property to mitigate the spread and damage it may cause to their properties and beyond.  

Under the Isaac Region Pest Management Plan, the council have identified 20 weeds as priorities because of the damage they inflict on waterways, native species, properties and to the community. Tackling pest management can be difficult so Isaac Regional Council offers a range of support services to its residents, landholders and managers. Council officers supply free advice on a range of treatment options for weed management and have connections to the State’s weed researchers and practioners to provide the best advice in every situation. These networks allow Council to organise biocontrol releases, identify new pest species and new research into alternative methods of control.    

To identify a weed on your property or for free advice on weed management please call us on 1300 ISAACS (1300 472 227).  

Download Isaac's priority weeds here(PDF, 1MB)