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Mayor Anne Baker



Mayor's Message

Another year of exceptional delivery from Council, and another year framed by extraordinary times. 
This year’s budget is reflective of what is important to our region as we navigate our way through a pandemic and into a stronger and more resilient region. Re-energising our communities is so much more to us than just words. We know that the beauty and the best of what our region has to offer is the people. The direction of where we are spending our time and money in this budget focusses on improving the lifestyle and liveability of our communities for our people.
Council has taken every opportunity with this year’s budget to build and strenghthen the Isaac way of life, enabling the community to get back to using Council facilities and services and helping our regional economy to move toward recovery.
A decade after presenting my first budget as Mayor of Isaac Regional Council, I can’t help but reflect on how far we have come as a region, and how proud I am to look forward to another 10 years of positive change and growth.

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